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    Update Journal


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    Update Journal Empty Update Journal

    Post by Hamilton on Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:51 pm

    July 24

    Shit, it's been way too long since I made any major changes. I've been working on an owl body off and on for a while. It's still got a lot of animations to do before its ready to even reach testing, unfortunately.

    Items should be officially added back into the game by the end of the week (ideally before friday because if not it'll have to wait til sunday or monday. busy weekend lol). It will be in the character editor as 2 new pages and 11 new selectors. damn, that's a lot. each one will have 5 items in it to start with. eventually, they'll have 10 items per species. (with very few of them overlapping. like the markings will be)

    Update Journal 39cddf95f2750e3ae549dbfa3d25c10d

    Just a handful more to go, then it's on to rigging/texturing. After ass-load of coding. @_@

    HOPEFULLY I can get the game updated before summer is over. lol

    A small reminder: you can help updates get done faster by donating your time and skills to getting portions of the workload done. Things such as maps and fresh textures are always appreciated. I have 3 maps of varying sizes that need either fixes or just objects placed in them. Any completed map donated will be rewarded with the strongest powerup in the game, a private item, and free preset slots.

    Jan 15 (happy new year! lol 2017)

    This is actually kinda oldish news but it looks like I missed some updates in here. A hasty holiday update was tossed out just before Christmas. It had the flying flips issue corrected so players didn't have to do it manually anymore. It also had Skisland changed to it's wintery theme.

    As of Jan 11th, PVP was made easier to use. It also works via an allies/enemies type function. A news post was already made with all the details.

    Annnddd I purchased some code from Cents DA gallery and added extra to it. I re-integrated items. There are 4 special boosting items. they bump your max health and unlock special moves that are stronger then the standard ones. You can only equip 1 boost to a character but you can carry your stash. I forget how many...probably not too many. Nothing drops these yet. I might gift some out after the update if i haven't found something to drop them (uber rarely) by then.

    October 11

    Biggest change to the game so far. Leveling has been added into the game. There will be ways to gain the exp needed, they just haven't been completed yet.

    I also took some time to minimize the magixmod materials for the heads. the game should load up a little faster now. (though other encounters with lag are still there. ug)

    and last thing added was the 'dragging you to hell' code. if you die in certain maps, you die in real life you get sent into a special lil 'hell' zone. When it's complete, it'll be a large maze back to the surface world. Ideally, your wound won't heal and the gohome function will be disabled in that map but...well..we'll see if that actually happens XD

    August 30 seems I've forgotten to put some updates in here...That's my bad, guys. Sorry.

    Updates made between May and now are:

    Purchased and added a code that allows flying characters to perform flip animations while in the air using the spacebar (randomly chooses between 3 flips).

    Setting up the grasses to have different heights in some maps, which allowed me to remove the huge grass meshes from Whispering Grass. That map should have a noticeable drop in lag. This is not currently available in the .world files, however.

    The gates were given new square shapes. They can also be resized via the gate codes in files such as .world and customportal.txt. I also went ahead and changed the ones used as boundary gates so that you don't have to aim for a small spot on the map but rather and edge you bump into can send you to the next map.

    Purchased and added an NPC code. there is now an NPC to teach you how to use the PVP as well as and NPC in Ocean who will let you know when new lands are 'discovered'.

    Undergrowth now has a pop-up alert reminding you to turn off your map and character tags if you are going to play Hide 'n Seek in there.

    There is a new button while online that will show you a world map. It does not currently highlight the map you are in, however.

    The chat channels were reorganized so that 'party' no-longer shoe-horns itself between 'general' and 'local'. Pipe-dreams of adding more chat channels were abandoned in the process. that stuff was complicated as fook.

    Flying and swimming are a little more dynamic. If you are moving and rising/falling at the same time, you will trigger special animations just for those motions.

    I think I covered the lighting changes fairly well last time.

    The moon now moves across the sky similar to the suns movement. Nice way to know how soon night will be over. lol

    I attempted to extend the length of time that the day/night cycle takes. I won't know if the effect works until I update the server. Since that would crash non-updated players, I'll be waiting until the update is complete before doing that. lol

    I have also been modifying my extended update schedule. I didn't want to have to do updates in small batches like other servers, but it looks like...if I wait for each chapter to be completed, it'll be a good year or more between updates. and that's just not good either. For the time being, updates will be done when I reach a certain number of additions in my update checklist. This will replace the old 'update schedule' thread in like...5 minutes or so. lol

    May 8

    What fun times we've been having since the release, don't you agree?! lol

    I have fixed man glitches and server to client data. horns will be visible now to other players. as well as animations such as rofl, cower, stop, bodyrub, etc will be visible to other players.

    The lighting has been undergoing a huge overhaul. very nice looking. nighttimes are now exceptionally dark. there's still some tweaking to be done with that before i'll be satisfied though...

    the grass density was bumped up as well as the grass render distance. it will cause some lag in maps that use fully white grass density maps but so long as those are reigned in, it shouldn't be too much to handle.

    um...rain was revamped a little. though i noticed it only rains in 1 map right now...must fix lol

    i've made so many changes i've forgotten what most of them were...
    admins/mods have a new tool to use. /playsound. so if you hear a silly noise...well..9 times out of 10 it was probably me X3

    Feb 14

    adding on for today-the coding is completed. claws are now restricted based on what body they were designed to fit with. paving the way for more robust restrictions such as preventing canine parts from being mixed with felines. (it's not that i think those kind of characters are bad, it's simply that the animations will be different. so very different that the parts just won't be able to mix. sorry) As of typing this sentence, coding work for Myatar Legends: chapter 1 is completed.

    Finished the majority of the griffons work. They just need their own special claws and some restrictions finally added to the code. I have no idea if I can even get that to work....

    Update Journal RNFqSV6
    Update Journal KxXGCme

    February 8

    I fixed the empty slots so that they no-longer are ugly glitches repeating words from previous pages. Less trouble that was than trying to com up with something to fill them with, that's for sure. Maybe I'll add something to them later, maybe not. We shall see.

    I also spent some time to do something that really should have been done ages ago. I split apart the manes and tufts on the color page. Now, if you apply a mane and a tuft, they will be independent of each-other. As in, tufts get their own color. Works for presets, too. I'm not sure why I waited so long to do that...but it is done now.

    When I finish making the eye masks, I'll have to time myself making a character. Should be good for a laugh X3

    I think I'm also going to give this thread a sticky status. Just because I can.

    February 4, 2016

    After a quick and relatively painless process....I have brought a portion of the markings settings to it's knees before me. Behold, our glorious child

    Update Journal Lq1kuOq

    It's a selector. It changes the materials of the eyes. So you can set yourself a unique set of eyes. Gaze upon it and weep! Weep, I say!

    Now I have 3 empty selector to deal with.

    Worth it.

    August 25

    As of yesterday, the character creation and edit screens have received a huge GUI overhaul. The cumbersome dark gray box was replaced with a sleek lighter gray backdrop. All the options and buttons and what-not have need re-aligned along the bottom of the screen. And the character itself has been centered just above that. It took a few days to get it right, but I'm glad I stuck to it. It looks very nice~

    Update Journal 9uK4mP8

    May 10

    It's been a long time since I had some good news to put in here.

    Myatar Legends has increased it's customization again!

    This time, I've added an "underwing" setting. It only comes up when you equip a set of wings. and, true to it's name, allows you to set a custom color to a portion of the wing. specifically, the under-side.

    It took some fighting. but in the end (as in a few minutes ago) I got it to function perfectly as it's intended, AND to display the wing texture. Score!

    I'm going to have to do some major rethinking about the new page in the creation menu. Since now wing markings are entirely possible. Hawt damn!

    Maybe I'll just add 2 new pages?!

    Update Journal N9ACheB

    Feb 28

    Update Journal N9nbGHu

    yup. sorry, guys. looks like we'll need to delete characters again.

    but on the bright-side...I finally have progress i can actually show!

    and yeah...dual eye colors...that's good too, i guess....

    Feb 27

    There is a strong possibility that by this day is over....I'll have changed the player data codes again. We'll have to clear out all player data again....
    I'm sorry. but...not really. I'm sure you'll like this change. And if all goes as planned, maybe I'll just go ahead and do a few others I had previously written off as "impossible".....

    Feb 1

    Tried to implement a softer type of shadowing. Didn't break anything...but...ended up with invisible shadows. Well...fine...whatever. cookie-cutter shadows stay...for least they look better with the code template that was posted on KITO. had to lower the size though. the 8K size cause me to lag. can't have that! lol hopefully the 4K doesn't lag too badly on older computers.

    different eye shapes for different heads? dude! why didn't I think of that? well..guess who's gunna get frisky with the material codes tonight? aw yisss. Might not be able to make L and R eyes different colors...but at least the shapes of the pupils can be somewhat unique. (actually, thats especially good since i'm pretty sure canines don't have slit-shaped pupils..XD)

    no word on the server switch...hope it's soonish...just 2 weeks till duedate on this......

    Jan 27

    This is why I envy team projects sometimes...

    I fixed up the server and gave it a new key. A new key means that older versions of the game will not connect to the server. Throwing out a "please update your game" type of alert message.

    For this reason, I've removed the download links. As it wouldn't be fair to download the old version only to have to update a few days later.

    Speaking of updates...I went through my world building folder. Compared the finished work to my maps spreadsheet. And found I had completed more than I thought. There was only 5 maps left! (for the Feline release) So I cranked out a fast 20K map to drop that down to 4 and said to myself: "Hammy, you can do this. It's only 4 maps. Sure it seemed daunting when it was 10, but now it's down to 4! You can do this! Think of the players, Hammy! The players!"

    After some arguing...I had to agree with myself. It's really not that many maps. I can finish this and finally....FINALLY pull the game OUT of BETA. aw yissssss full release, baby.

    Of course, that means while I spent a few hours doing that...I neglected the canine work. And then wasted even more hours watching anime (wut? like you don't marathon 6 episodes before bed either?). I'm only human...and a single one at that. (subtext, hammy. gawd) plan! The canines can wait. They've waited this long. a few more days won't kill them. I'll finish up those 4 other maps. A few changes to the title screen, and BAM! Full release, no more BETA! (oh and I guess I'll modify Skisland to a valentines theme while I'm in there)

    Jan 26 - journal started

    Why in the news section? Why not? It's a first-look section so Guests should be able to view it as well. Also, too lazy to bother with semantics.

    Update status:

    Realized that no matter what I do about the server key, the server files still need to be updated. This will be done tonight along with finally adding the last feline head to the game. Making a total of 201 feline specific models. Ouch. Maybe I'll leave it out forever; it's just the skull head with smaller eyes...then I can keep the model count at 200...hhnnnggggg what a nice number.

    So probably look for a new download link to appear tomorrow. Unless something happens, then it'll be on Thursday.

    Aum...investigated the skeleton and such regarding the Felines. yeesh 201 things to re-weightpaint and then export and convert? Sorry, but...nope. Nopenopenope nopety nope. Bye-bye claw-bones and ear-bones. I don't have the patience for that and the model shape for the heads wouldn't even animate the ears smoothly enough to satisfy me.

    Onward to better things.

    Like Canines. Aw yisss. Worked on the model I purchased a while back. The toes are still a little...toe-y....does that make sense? They seem to stick out a little far. I need to grab some anatomy pics to make sure things are close enough to not look too ridiculous. But, over all...not counting my questioning the toes, the rest of it looks pretty good. I'll probably start duplicating the source blend file and then deleting non-transferable parts and then importing the body to the skeleton also tonight. Maybe get some screenshots up tomorrow too.

    Lamenting over the heads. There's just so much more tiny differences to be had with Canines. big ears, little ears, floppy ears, folded ears, 1 ear folded, the opposite ear folded, torn ears, cropped ears, hyena ears....YEESH. And doubled up for the female v male faces.....

    I'll probably not make full manes for the canines. I'm still on the fence with it. I know it was a pet-peeve with some FH users that they couldn't put a full mane on those canines. But I also don't fully understand -why- they took issue with What canines have full manes? (but also, imagination!!! woo!!)

    It's these smaller conundrums that keep me up at night.

    If you're trying to reach me on Skype, make sure you tell me WHO YOU ARE. I decline contact requests with generic messages/no information. You can find me under the username "hamiltonhocks". If you ask nicely, I'll cram you all into a group chat where I can harass you with more stupid questions like "do you think the canines should have access to lion and panther tails?" or "do you thing the other players would notice or be offended if I gave the models even more dangly bits?" Fun stuff. FUN. STUFF. Just make sure I know who you are or you gun get declined so hard, son~

    till next progress, stay frosty~ (wtf does that even MEAN?!)

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    Update Journal Empty Re: Update Journal

    Post by Nala_91 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:36 pm

    I wanna let some of you guys know, that I'll be slowly helping Hamilton with the game. I'll be editing the masks and do a little map making here and there.

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