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    11/8 Update release info


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    11/8 Update release info

    Post by Hamilton on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:44 pm

    The old files were deleted and the new ones are in the process of being uploaded.

    Links will be updated as they become available.

    Changes in this update include:

    -simplified PVP
    any player not on your friend/ally list is now an enemy you can potentially attack.

    -created simplified alliances/enemies
    goes with the above. add friend = add ally for now.

    -items function reintegrated
    previously, the i-key did not work. now it does.

    -items boost health

    4 boosters raise max hp. currently admin-drop only. needs more critters first.

    -items grant new powerful attacks

    4 boosters overwrite your basic attacks to give new, stronger attacks. currently admin-drop only. needs more critters first.

    -MOAR terrain lighting
    self explanatory, really. the land now throws shadows on itself.

    -meshes for new selectors completed
    5 for each new selector.

    -fixed drawpoints dropping blank skills
    minor oops from when i removed tames. no more trolling drawpoints.

    -11 new selectors added
    hats, face, neck, stud, ring, chest, belly, leftarm, rightarm, leftleg, and rightleg.

    -simple textures for items added
    i'm sorry, they look like shit right now. presets can apply custom textures to them, though.

    -more boosts added
    4 more boosters that remove your attack ability and replace with unlimited heals.
    also 1 special boost that gives x5 speed. it's really fun. so much fun. like zoomies.

    -boosts diversified
    i named them dumb names.

    -item-equip slots increased to 2
    so you can combine a skill booster with an hp booster or a speed booster. please don't combine skill boosters. i have no idea what will happen. you might break something.

    -wound timer is gone
    exactly what it says. you get wounded, you cannot self heal. be glad i haven't gotten forced limping to work yet >3

    -npcHealer will heal your wound
    npcs with a "Recover" button will remove your wound status. they don't care if you aren't wounded right now. if you have full health, they'll put you down to the recover amount. stingy.

    -created 8 new heads
    2 each of cat, jaguarundi, serval, and an attempt at sphinx. i'm not responsible for nightmares they may cause.

    -8 new heads function in game 99% (minor weightpaint glitch)
    i coded them in, gave them material and adjusted some masks for them. the tongue is messed up. kinda funny looking actually.

    -prisoner dialogue spruced up
    if you can find him, he says more things but randomized so sometimes he repeats himself. do not feed the prisoner, please.

    -tutor has a new purpose
    he's got a "Recover" button now. He's still in his tent if you need healed.

    -updated signs in Void
    it had to be done.

    Not as long as i wanted and missing the biggest things but it's still a good update....right? lol

    everything's still under 50%....guess i didn't kill enough time typing this. oh well. i'll be back when they are done.

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    Re: 11/8 Update release info

    Post by Nala_91 on Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:23 pm

    Excited to see these updates hammy

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    Re: 11/8 Update release info

    Post by TortDoll on Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:10 pm

    Oohh glad to see the update is up and running.... even if I am late to the party!!

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    Re: 11/8 Update release info

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