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    Game Rules


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    Game Rules Empty Game Rules

    Post by Hamilton on Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:54 pm

    Suggestions to keep us all sane.

    Do not harass, bully, or hound another player.
    Do not harass, bully, or hound the Bouncer.
    I can't stop you from cursing, but please try to be respectful to one another.
    While butt-swinging is HILARIOUS, not everyone enjoys it happening directly on-top of them. Be respectful of their wishes.
    Do not summon the Bouncer for trivial matters that can be resolved in a more civil manner.
    Do not, under any circumstances, impersonate another user.

    Keeping the server safe.

    Do not attempt to gain control of the Bouncer or its powers.
    Do not claim to be someone you very clearly are not.
    Please try to only have 1 account

    The Bouncer.

    Summon Hamilton to handle serious matters only.

    • ~sever harassment
    • ~bullying
    • ~PVP abuse
    • ~hacking

    If Hamilton is not online, contact one of the other bouncers or referee.

    • ~LazyZim(Bouncer)
    • ~Nala_91(Referee)

    Crime and punishment

    crime: direct hacking to obtain the Bouncers powers
    punishment: life ban

    crime: abusing the PVP to harass players
    punishment 1: full skill and power booster wipe
    punishment 2: week ban and skill/power booster wipe
    punishment 3: 6 month ban and skill/power booster wipe and status change
    punishment 4: life ban

    crime: verbal abuse // bullying anyone
    punishment 1: 6 month ban
    punishment 2: life ban

    crime: swamping the server with accounts/characters with the intent to crash it
    punishment: life ban

    crime: impersonation of a fellow user
    punishment 1: verbal warning
    punishment 2: life ban

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