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    Attempting to curb pm spam


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    Attempting to curb pm spam Empty Attempting to curb pm spam

    Post by Hamilton on Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:28 am

    Made some small changes to the forum in an attempt to curb some pm related spam I've been seeing lately.

    The minimum post count to unlock pm ability was increased to 2 from the former 1. I will likely put this back later. I don't think that one was causing it. Dropping this to 0 for reasons.

    The other change was to deactivate the contact form that guests had access to that they or some bots have been using to send junk to the admin accounts. This will mean guests that are /not/ spamming the admin accounts won't be able to get help if they have trouble logging into the forum. Putting the IP/email signup from 1 to 2 could aid that without getting too out of control...(I'll fix this up in the morning when I can see the actual text XD weird issue to find via mobile devices)

    Update for the game is still a few months or so off, sorry. There's just so many new textures to make, maps to add, and there were still a few more codes i'd wanted that had to be put on hold.

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