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    Please do not abuse the report function


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    Please do not abuse the report function Empty Please do not abuse the report function

    Post by Hamilton on Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:56 pm

    Please do not abuse the report abuse function. If it is not listed in the rules for the forum or the terms of service for forumotion, it is not abuse.

    If you are unsure, just re-read the options. If the thing you find offensive is not listed, it is not abuse.

    Falsefying the nature of your report is abuse of the function.

    Just to re-cap from the forum rules and disclaimer thread:

    This forum and game have a recommended age limit of 15 and up. Due to the nature of older teens and young adults in general, you are going to encounter an occasional swear. If a single instance of swearing is that offensive to you, perhaps you should reconsider browsing the internet....

    Swearing is not listed in forumotions terms of service. Therefor, I don't feel it is a thing to be made a rule against. They are literally just words. (the most harmful phrases ever spoken to me never contained swearing)

    Unless the language is being directed at you as slander, defamation, insult, or harassment; then it is not abuse.

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